The K Desktop Environment

Chapter 1. Introduction

KConfigure simplifies compiling and installing software by providing a graphical interface.

Easy to use, click in Konqueror the configure file and configure, make and install the sources in the gui.

1.1. Installation

1.1.2. Requirements

In order to successfully compile KConfigure, you need the latest versions of the KDE libraries as well as the Qt™ C++ library. All required libraries can be found at the KDE FTP site,

1.1.3. Compilation and Installation

In order to compile and install KConfigure on your system, type the following in the base directory of the KConfigure distribution:

 % ./configure
 % make
 Then as root: 
 % make install

Please inform the current maintainer, Javier Campos, at of any modification you had to undertake in order to get KConfigure to compile on your platform.